Dream AI Review – Turns Your Text & Voice Prompts Into Stunning
Dream AI Review – Turns Your Text & Voice Prompts Into Stunning

A strong online presence starts with building a unique brand identity. This means crafting a special message, logo, and style that represents your business. Having a strong brand identity makes it easier to gain trust from potential customers and turn them into loyal ones.

But creating content that matches what consumers want can be hard. It often needs expertise in trends, research, and technology.

That’s why you need this Dream AI. It helps you create content for different platforms effortlessly. No more complex processes or high costs—just a better, cheaper solution.

See how Dream AI is changing the game by making it easier to reach your audience. It could be the key to your success in the digital world.


Vendor - Akshat Gupta et al

Product - Dream AI

Launch Date - 2024-Jun-11

Launch Time - 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price - $17

Coupon Code - DREAMAI3


Refund - YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Product Type - General

Support - Effective Response


Recommended - Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed - All Levels

Akshat Gupta is the creator of the Dream AI app.

Dream AI shows his skill in making tools that simplify and speed up marketing tasks. Customers trust Akshat and his team to provide high-quality solutions that improve their business operations.

Akshat is a trusted partner in marketing success, known for his dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

His successful projects include AI Employees, KidTales PLR, SiteFlow AI, CreativeAI 2.0, AI GameZone, AI VideoBooks, AI AppMaker, AI VideoSong, CreativeAI, AiPuzzles, TalkingHumans AI, VoiceGPT AI, RecipeSites, BacklinkMaker, and many more.

Now, let’s move to the next section to see all the features of Dream AI.

Dream AI is the world’s first app fully powered by the latest openAI tech ChatGPT-4.0 which turns your voice commands into text dream AI HD images, AI cartoon maker, AI animation videos, Dream AI ultra HD videos, image inpainting, super-resolution, image colorization, AI image sharpener, colorize black & white photo, Ai Instagram & YT videos, Ai video voice-overs, Ai audio to texts, Ai music tracks, Drawing to AI art, AI image animator, Ai multi-model contents, Ai multi-tasking bots, and so much more.

This Dream AI is capable of producing content for multiple platforms with ease. With just a few steps, its strong features will enable you to optimize your creative process. No more paying outrageous fees or hiring costly editors, content writers, and video producers.

The ability of Dream AI to expand content categories like photos, videos, and reels is even more impressive. It can create content in the most enticing ways, saving you money by enabling you to connect with a variety of clientele types without the need for experts.

Let’s have a sneak peek at what it brings to you:

✍️ A.I Storytelling Videos

Instantly generate stunning AI storytelling videos in any niche. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple AI platforms with high monthly fees. Create captivating stories effortlessly.


✍️ A.I Spokesperson Videos

Craft incredibly realistic AI videos that bring your imagination to life. Prepare to captivate your audience and push the boundaries of what’s possible, leaving them speechless.


✍️ A.I Animation Videos

Use Dream AI to create ultra-HD 3D animation videos at lightning speed. Be amazed as your visions come to life with breathtaking quality and efficiency.


✍️ Ultra HD A.I Videos

Effortlessly craft stunning ultra-HD AI videos on any topic. Sell these captivating videos on our built-in marketplace and get paid for your creativity.


✍️ A.I Cinematic Videos

Create cinematic AI videos in the blink of an eye. Experience the true magic of Dream AI as your visions become cinematic masterpieces with breathtaking visuals and epic storytelling.


✍️ A.I Video Presentation & Storyboard

Unlock the secrets of AI video presentations and storyboards to boost your sales and profits. Blend captivating visuals, compelling narratives, and cutting-edge technology to create irresistible presentations.


✍️ A.I Character Videos

Bring your stories to life with AI character videos. Immerse your audience in captivating narratives brought to life by charming and dynamic characters.


✍️ A.I Cartoon Videos

Skyrocket your views and traffic with AI cartoon videos. Watch your content come to life in vibrant, animated form, capturing your audience’s attention like never before.


✍️ A.I Celebrity Videos

Experience the magic of AI celebrity videos with Dream AI. These videos go viral quickly, generating tons of views and sales.


✍️ A.I Instagram & YouTube Videos

Create viral AI videos for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Shorts, and other platforms. Witness the groundbreaking power of Dream AI as it generates views like never before.


✍️ A.I 3D Video Ads

Watch your conversions soar with captivating 3D video ads that grab your audience’s attention. Drive tons of views and sales with Dream AI.


✍️ A.I Video Voice Overs

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding voice talent and enjoy seamless, high-quality narration. Elevate your content with AI video voice-overs that make your videos truly unforgettable.


✍️ A.I Video Songs

Revolutionize the music world with Dream AI‘s groundbreaking AI video songs. Create unforgettable melodies and captivating visuals that drive staggering views and traffic.


✍️ A.I Images, Graphics & Arts

Craft stunning AI images, graphics, and art for your marketing campaigns. Stop spending money on expensive, unreliable AI products. Dream AI delivers the results you want.


✍️ A.I Image Animation

Transform any image into an animated version with a single click. Bring normal images to life with this unique feature.


✍️ A.I Multimodel Contents

Create a wide range of AI content, from images and videos to graphics and animated videos. Sell these high-demand AI creations for maximum profits.


✍️ A.I Multi-Tasking Bots

Generate a list of AI bots working for you non-stop with Dream AI. Create marketing bots to drive limitless sales and traffic to your offers.


✍️ A.I Audio-to-Text Transcription

Convert any audio into text with just one click. Dream AI makes transcription easy and efficient.


✍️ Commercial License Included

Sell unlimited AI-generated content with no restrictions. You’re backed by our commercial license, allowing you to profit from your creations.


✍️ Built-in audience for Quick Sales

Sell your creations to our built-in audience effortlessly. This feature ensures you can start making sales in no time.


One of the most significant advantages of Dream AI is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible even to those with little to no experience in AI or content creation. The dashboard is straightforward and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly access and utilize all the available features.

  1. Login & Give Any Command: Users can log in to the platform and provide any text or voice command to describe the desired content.
  2. Generate: Dream AI uses Google's latest AI technology, "GEMINI Advanced," to generate high-quality, multi-model AI content in seconds.
  3. Sell & Profit: Users can start profiting by selling the generated content to Dream AI’s built-in audience of over 378 million potential buyers.

This streamlined process ensures that users can quickly create and monetize their content without any hassle.

 ♦ Approach The New Power Of AI With Dream AI

In today’s digital era, creative jobs in media are increasingly supported by AI. You shouldn’t miss out on this trend. That’s why I highly recommend Dream AI, a powerful tool for content creators like you.

As a content creator, you know how challenging it can be to produce content that is timely, visually appealing, and engaging. Meeting everyone’s needs can be overwhelming.

Luckily, Dream AI simplifies the content creation process with just your voice commands and mouse clicks. You understand the potential of artificial intelligence, and Dream AI will help you harness this technology effectively.

With Dream AI, you can say goodbye to the stress of creating photos and videos. It handles all the hard work, giving you more time to focus on improving your business strategy and brand recognition.

Discover how much money freelancers and AI content creation agencies are making… Now it’s your chance to do the same.


 ♦ Secure A Sustainable Future

As AI continues to evolve, Dream AI offers a sustainable solution for your career. Getting started with this tool quickly can enhance your online presence and boost your business.

I encourage you to try Dream AI as soon as possible to fully benefit from its capabilities. Grow your revenue streams while reducing work-related stress, improving your health, and relieving financial pressure.

Front-End Price

You now have a fantastic opportunity to get Dream AI for just $17. Dream AI is an amazing tool that lets you easily create a wide variety of content across multiple categories.


This incredible deal gives you access to a state-of-the-art solution that unlocks the full potential of AI. It simplifies turning your ideas into content while helping you build an engaging online presence for your audience.

What’s more? Your purchase is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t need to worry about taking risks. Simply try it out, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll get all your money back!

Act quickly, as this limited-time offer is soon to expire. Don’t miss out on the chance to use Dream AI and experience the future of cross-platform content creation.

To give customers the best chance of success, the product development team has enhanced capabilities with the following improvements.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you click on my front-end sales page before clicking this OTO’s link to qualify for my great bonus packages at the end of this Dream AI review.

Don’t forget to check out these OTO offers:

OTO 1: Unlimited ($67/$47)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto1-unlimited

OTO 2: DONE FOR YOU ($97/$67)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto2-dfy

OTO 3: Automation ($47/$37)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto3-automation

OTO 4: AI Turnkey ($97/$67)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto4-aiturnkey

OTO 5: AI Audience ($37/$27)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto5-ai-audience

OTO 6: Agency ($97/$67)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto6-agency

OTO 7: Reseller ($97/$67)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto7-reseller

OTO 8: $180K Live Workshop ($37/$27)

Salespage: https://getdreamai.live/oto8-180k-live-workshop

The features and user-friendly interface of this software, in my opinion, make it accessible to a wide range of those who buy it.

This will be the answer for bloggers, YouTubers, content producers, freelancers, etc. You should give this product a try even if you lack experience or technological know-how.


  • Start saving and stop paying through your nose for outdated, expensive third-party software and services…
  • Say “Goodbye” to the hassles of AI video content creation, graphic design & marketing materials…
  • Say “Hi” to this next-gen Midjourney, Canva & Dall E. killer app …
  • Get anything you want just with your voice commands…
  • Instantly get any type of code, just type your instructions and done…
  • Skyrocket your businesses to the next level…RICKDream AI


  • Indeed, I haven’t found any other issue with Dream AI software so far.

Q. What is Dream AI?

Dream AI is an advanced AI-powered content creation platform that utilizes Google’s “GEMINI Advanced” technology to generate ultra-HD 8K videos, 4K images, AI storytelling videos, deepfake celebrity videos, and more from simple text or voice commands.

Q. How easy is it to use Dream AI?

Dream AI is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive dashboard and straightforward three-step process (login, generate, sell & profit) make it accessible to users of all skill levels, including beginners.

Q. What types of content can Dream AI create?

Dream AI can create a wide variety of content, including ultra-HD 8K videos, 4K realistic images, AI storytelling videos, deepfake AI celebrity videos, AI characters and cartoon videos, AI avatar videos, neon effect images and videos, and sketch image and video generators.

Q. Is there a commercial license included?

Yes, Dream AI includes a commercial license, allowing users to create and sell unlimited AI-generated assets without any restrictions.

Q. How much does Dream AI cost?

Dream AI is typically priced at $97 per month. However, during the current promotional period, it is available for a one-time payment of just $17, representing a significant saving.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Dream AI offers an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee. Users can request a full refund if they are not completely satisfied with the platform.

Q. Can I really make money with Dream AI?

Absolutely. Dream AI not only provides tools to create high-quality content but also includes access to a built-in audience of over 378 million potential buyers, making it easier to sell your creations and generate profit.

Q. What kind of support does Dream AI offer?

Dream AI offers excellent customer support, providing assistance with technical queries, feature explanations, and general help to ensure a smooth user experience.

Q. How does Dream AI compare to other content creation tools?

Dream AI stands out due to its advanced AI technology, user-friendly interface, wide range of content generation capabilities, commercial licensing, and affordability. Its ability to produce ultra-HD 8K videos and realistic 4K images sets it apart from many other tools on the market.

Q. Can I use Dream AI for personal projects?

Yes, Dream AI can be used for both personal and commercial projects. The platform’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal creative endeavors to professional marketing campaigns.

Dream AI is a groundbreaking tool that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology to revolutionize content creation. By utilizing Google's "GEMINI Advanced" AI, Dream AI simplifies and enhances the process of generating high-quality multimedia content. This platform is not only a powerful asset for marketers and content creators but also an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to elevate their digital presence.

Dream AI's ability to produce ultra-HD 8K videos, realistic 4K images, deepfake celebrity videos, and more—combined with its ease of use and commercial licensing—makes it a must-have for anyone looking to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape. The platform's affordability, especially during the promotional period, further solidifies its position as a cost-effective and high-value solution for content creation.

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