RapidVideoz Review – Ultimate YouTube Shorts Video Creator & Buyer Traffic
RapidVideoz Review – Ultimate YouTube Shorts Video Creator & Buyer Traffic

Welcome to the RapidVideoz review, Did you see that? In 2024, the traffic landscape has undergone a significant change. Long blog entries and videos are no longer being read or watched by as many people as they once were. Instead, kids are watching quick, 15–30-second videos on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. And if you don’t want to fall behind, then LEVERAGE it to bring in tens of thousands of visitors per day. Unknowingly, beginners, those without any genuine skills, experience, or knowledge—and others simply by pure luck—are earning $500 to even $1,000 per day with this traffic approach. Here are some outcomes people have experienced with Shorts: 

– Posting other people’s videos received 3.5 million views 

– 24 million views for 5-second videos posted 

– Posting 30-second reviews received 1.4 million views. The finest part is all of it: 

Without advertising advertisements, being on camera, having subscribers, or outsourcing 

With just three clicks, you can quickly and easily produce captivating YouTube Shorts with ChatGPT4 using RapidVideoz, which can increase traffic and sales to your websites, blogs, and offers. For the next four days only, RapidVideoz is being made public for a low one-time price. It will switch to a higher recurring subscription price plan after this week.

Want to know the details? Please explore it more in my RapidVideoz Review.

RapidVideoz Review

Vendor - Yas Khan

Product - RapidVideoz

Launch Date - 2024-Jun-02

Launch Time - 10:00 EDT

Front-End Price - $17

Coupon Code - RapidVideoz


Refund - YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Product Type - Affiliate Marketing

Support - Effective Response


Recommended - Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed - All Levels

RapidVideoz is The World’s First 3-Click ChatGPT4 + YouTube app That Drives MASSIVE Traffic To Your Websites, Blogs, And Offers With Lame 15-second YouTube Shorts!”

If You’re Still Using OUTDATED, BORING & INEFFECTIVE Traffic Methods Such As Blogging, SEO, Video Marketing, Or Facebook Ads, Then You’re In For A RUDE AWAKENING. The TRUTH is, that the landscape has changed, and if you’re not using the latest traffic strategies, you’re going to get left in the dust. The fact is, people are now consuming content differently than they have in the past. They’re not reading long blog posts or watching hour-long videos like they used to.

Instead, they’re watching short, snackable videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. YouTube shorts are the best way to take advantage of this latest trend. Still, 99% of the marketers have no idea about it.  It's extremely easy to get all the traffic for yourself if you start right now. It’s the golden opportunity for anyone looking to get TONS of traffic to their sites, blogs, offers & businesses. Newbies, people with no real skills, no experience, no idea, and some just by pure luck, unknowingly are making $500 to even $1,000 per day with this traffic method. And there’s no reason why YOU can’t do the same. Every other shorts creator is driving tens of thousands, even 100s and millions of views to their websites, blogs, and offers to create a HUGE surge in sales and income. Introducing RapidVideoz.

Thanks to Yas Khan, I got the results I wanted.

With RapidVideoz, You Can Quickly And Easily Create Attention-Grabbing YouTube Shorts That Drive Traffic To Your Websites, Blogs, And Offers In Just 3 SIMPLE STEPS & 2 MINUTES:

You don’t need any video editing skills, you don’t need to show your face, and you don’t need to be on camera. You don’t need subscribers, and you don’t even need a blog or website. With RapidVideoz, you can generate traffic without any skills or experience. Not just that, you also get step-by-step training and their “Traffic On Demand” strategy, so you can start driving traffic & sales right away. RapidVideoz is available for a low one-time price during its public launch for the next few days only. After this week, it will turn into a higher recurring subscription price model. Act fast and get your account at the lowest price ever. Get RapidVideoz For A Low One-Time Price Now.

100% Cloud-Based Software

There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on Earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!

Add Your Videos, Use Other People’s Viral Videos, Or Create From Scratch Using ChatGPT4!

There are millions of videos on YouTube that you can use for your shorts. You can find & legally use videos that are already getting a lot of views, or you can use one of your own videos or CREATE from scratch. Just type in your keyword or a sentence and our A.I. will generate a short script for you in seconds.

Pick From Our Carefully Crafted DFY Templates Or Create Your Own

We have a wide selection of DFY templates that you can use to create your shorts quickly and easily. Plus, you can also create your own templates from scratch if you want.

Fully-Fledged Yet SIMPLE Editor To Customize Your Videos.

You can change the text, images, and videos in your shorts to make them unique and more attention-grabbing. Change transitions, and font, and add images, videos, backgrounds, music, voiceovers, and slides to perfectly fit your requirements.

Customize Your BRANDING.

You can add your own logo, branding, and watermark to the videos you create with RapidVideoz. This way you can build your brand while driving traffic to your websites and offers.

Add INCREDIBLE Call-To-Actions (CTAs) That Get People Clicking!

You can add powerful call-to-action to your videos that will get people clicking through to your websites and offers.

  • Social Media Buttons
  • Arrows
  • Subscribe Buttons
  • Gifs
  • Lower Thirds

Viral Shorts Finder

Find viral videos that are already getting a lot of views, and quickly create shorts that you can use to drive traffic to your websites and offers. Save hours of time with our built-in viral video finder.

Viral Quote Generator.

Instantly create quotes that go VIRAL! This is one of the easiest ways to get massive amounts of traffic from social media. You can use our built-in viral quote generator to create quotes that people will want to share with their friends.

Royalty-Free Music Library

You can add professional audio tracks to your videos with just 1-click. This will make your videos more engaging and help them to stand out from the competition.

10 Million+ In-built Premium Stock Images & Videos

Get access to our library of 10 million+ royalty-free images & videos. These are extremely high-quality premium stock that you can use to make your videos look professional.

Add REAL Human Voiceovers

Forget about spending money on expensive voiceovers, you can just add your own voiceover or choose from our library of human-like A.I. voices.

Export Your Video In HD 720p and HD 1080p

You can choose to export your video in 720p or 1080p quality. Both of these are HD, which means you can watch your videos on all devices with no pixelation issues.

Get The 1st Mover Advantage & Dominate Your Market.

Since RapidVideoz is brand new, you can get the 1st mover advantage and dominate your competition. Since no one else is using RapidVideoz yet, you can quickly create shorts and get a ton of traffic before they even know what’s going on.

YouTube Favours Shorts & Sends You FREE Traffic.

YouTube favors shorter videos and will send you more traffic as a result. So by using RapidVideoz, you can take advantage of this fact and get even more traffic from YouTube Shorts shelves.

Get Tons Of Traffic & Sales In ANY Niche, Any Language

RapidVideoz works in ANY niche. So no matter what your website is about, you can use RapidVideoz to get more traffic and sales. Whether you’re in the make-money-online niche, the weight loss niche, the dating niche, or any other niche, RapidVideoz can help you get more traffic and sales.

Easier, Faster & Profitable Than Other Traffic Methods.

Most traffic methods are slow, difficult, and not very profitable. But with RapidVideoz, you can get traffic quickly and easily, without having to spend hours trying to figure out how to rank your videos.

Save Hours And Hours Of Time & Effort.

With RapidVideoz, you can save hours of time and effort. You no longer have to waste time creating or recording videos yourself, writing long scripts, doing voiceovers, or hiring expensive video creators. It takes just a few minutes to create a YouTube short with our software.

No Editing Skills, Budget, Or Experience Required.

You don’t need any skills, budget, or experience to use RapidVideoz. All you need is a desire to get more traffic and sales. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to create traffic-getting YouTube shorts in no time.

It’s Fully Scalable & Repeatable.

RapidVideoz is fully scalable. So as your traffic and sales grow, you can just keep adding more shorts to your channel to get even more traffic and sales. You can branch into different niches and maximize your profits.

Get Results In Minutes, Not Days Or Weeks.

Unlike some other methods where you have to wait days or weeks to see any results, with RapidVideoz you can start getting results in minutes. Just create a few shorts, share them on YouTube and other social media, and watch the traffic and sales come rolling in.

It’s Suitable For Complete Newbies & Experienced Marketers Alike

RapidVideoz is suitable for both complete newbies and experienced marketers alike. If you’re just starting out, RapidVideoz will help you get more traffic and sales quickly and easily. And if you’re an experienced marketer, RapidVideoz will help you take your traffic and conversions to the next level.


We don’t just give you a product and walk away. Do our best to keep improving the product. We will continue to release new features and updates for free in the future!

24X7 Support and 100% Uptime Guaranteed

Our team is always available to help. Whether you need help finding the perfect image or video or have a question about any of our products, we’re here to assist you.


  • Affiliate Marketers who want to increase their traffic.
  • Youtube Content Creators who want to grow their channel.
  • Make Money Online Bloggers and Podcasters who want to make more passive income
  • Business Owners who want more leads and customers.
  • F​founders, CEOs, CMOs, and Founders who want to brand themselves and reach a larger audience.
  • ​ eCom & Shopify Store Owners who want to increase their sales with video.
  • Social Media Marketers who want to stand out from the competition on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Coaches, Mentors, or Gurus who want to use their videos as a sales funnel for existing products.
  • ​And anyone else who wants free, stress-free, and easy traffic!

Bonus 1: EBFusion Cloud-Based App (FRONTEND)

EBFusion Is A Brand New Ground-Breaking Software AUTO Creates A functioning online Ebook Store In Less Than 60 Seconds

Instantly Loads It With 10,000+ Ebooks In 100+ Genres That You Can Sell and Change The Price Of Any eBook.

Bonus 2: AIFlipBook Cloud-Based App (FRONTEND)

AIFlipBook Is A Brand New AI-Powered App AUTO Creates Fully-Functional FLIPBOOKS In A Flash That You Can Sell & Keep 100% Profits…

2000+ FlipBooks In 50 Niches Pre-Loaded To Get YOU Started Instantly So You Can Sell or giveaway To clients for leads or profits

Bonus 3: AIBookSite Cloud-Based App (FRONTEND)

First-To-Market 1-Click ChatGPT Powered App Creates A Completely Automated Book Affiliate Website In Less Than 60 Seconds

Instantly Load 90,000+ ebooks, physical books & audiobooks under 130+ categories in just a click… automatically embedded with your affiliate link - so you get paid instantly!

All You Need To Do Is Just Enter Your Affiliate IDs and Choose Your Niche, AIBookSite Will Do The Rest Of The Work For You.

Bonus 4: EazySitePro Cloud-Based App (FRONTEND)

EazySitePro Is A Brand New Ground-Breaking Software AUTO Creates A functions website In Chat-GPT Style In Seconds, And is Pre-loaded with stunning designs, high-converting copy, high-quality blog posts, stunning logos & more

Bonus 5: Secret Software That Allows You To Access GPT4-128K + ChatGPT PLUS For Free

You can now get all the perks of ChatGPT Plus without spending a penny. 😎

ChatGPT Plus is pretty neat, right?

Faster answers, priority access, and super detailed responses. But, it usually costs a bit.

Good news!

This training shows how to unlock all those Plus features for FREE and We put it all into a simple guide. It's easy to use, and no techy stuff is needed.

Bonus 6: AI Motivational Video Builder MasterClass

Imagine stepping into a world where creating motivational videos is not only easy but also exciting.

That's exactly what our course offers.

Designed for anyone passionate about inspiring others, this training teaches you how to use AI to make both long and short motivational videos effortlessly.

Whether you're a beginner or have tried making videos before, you'll learn secrets that make your videos stand out.

From finding the perfect idea to polishing your final product, we guide you every step of the way.

Join us, and let's start making videos that not only look professional but also generate millions of views.

Bonus 7: Advanced ChatGPT Prompts Generator Software

Imagine having the ability to generate unlimited advanced ChatGPT prompts that can help you create solid articles, captivating video scripts, in-depth product reviews, and much more.

Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting out, this software is packed with a straightforward dashboard + insights on how to:

- Craft Advanced ChatGPT Prompts: Learn the secrets to formulating prompts that result in high-quality, engaging content.

- Unleash Creativity: Explore new horizons in content creation, from articles and scripts to reviews, without ever hitting a creative block.

- Innovate and Impress: Stand out with content that resonates, engages, and converts, all thanks to the power of AI.

This is a gateway to creating unlimited coloring books using revolutionary AI technology. 🌟

Introducing "The Infinite Palette: Creating Limitless Coloring Books with AI,"

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Bonus 8: AI T-Shirt Design - POD MasterClass

This master shows you how to use 100% free AI tools for eye-catching T-shirt designs and start a print-on-demand business with zero hassle

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What's in it for you?

🛠️ Access to the best FREE AI design tools.

📚 Easy step-by-step design instructions.

🚀 Tips to launch your business without fees.

Whether you're a pro or just starting, this guide is your key to unlocking endless creativity and business potential. 🗝️💡

Bonus 9: CBSitePro Cloud-Based App

CBSitePro Is 1-Click App AUTO Creates A Self-Updating ClickBank Review Website

Auto-Loaded With Top-Converting ClickBank Offers In Less Than 60 Seconds…

Instantly Loaded With High-Quality Review Articles + Self-Updating Blog Posts

All products are pre-approved and automatically embedded with your affiliate links… (You can even add your own product reviews if you want)

Bonus 10: SiteToolPro Cloud-Based App

SiteToolPro Is The First-To-Market 1-Click App Creates A Completely Automated Web Tool WEBSITE In Less Than 60 Seconds…

Instantly Load 60+ online free-to-use tools used on a daily basis in just a click…

You can SELL Your Visitors Your Own Products Or Affiliate Offers, Place Banner Ads, Generate Income With Adsense, PropellerAds & so much more…

Bonus 11: EBFusion Cloud-Based App (UPSELL 1+2+3)

👉1. OTO: EBFusion PRO ($37)

  • Translate ebook store into 100 languages
  • Send unlimited emails to all existing members inside of the store (using our in-built autoresponder)
  • Send push notifications to existing members via their desktops/mobiles
  • Connect Your Custom Domain For Your Ebook Store
  • Allow Users To Add Their Facebook Pixels Google Analytics ID + Google Tag Manager ID

👉2. OTO: EBFusion Premium ($37)

  • Create Unlimited Ebook Stores – users can create as many ebook stores as they want
  • INCLUDES commercial rights – users can create & sell ebook stores to client
  • Create Unlimited Articles From Our DFY Auto-Blogging Module – users can create as many blog posts as they want on autopilot.
  • Get Unlimited Reseller Licenses (Sell EBFusion And Keep 100% Profits)
  • Create Unlimited Ebooks Using Our Built-In Ebook Maker
  • Get Extra 250,000 Done-For-You Ebooks In 500+ Genres
  • Bonus: Fiverr Masterclass, DFY Client Researcher Cloud-based App.

👉3. OTO: EBFusion GOLD ($27)

  • Instantly Add Another 4 Income Streams To Your Ebook Store
  • Choose from 100,000 hot-selling Done-For-You T-shirt designs To Sell On Your Store
  • Choose from 120,000 attention-grabbing Done-For-You Audio Tracks To Sell On Your Store
  • Choose from 200 High-quality Done-For-You Courses To Sell On Your Store
  • Choose from 726 Done-For-You Cutting-Edge Software Options To Sell On Your Store

Bonus 12: AIFlipBook Cloud-Based App (UPSELL 1+2

1. OTO: AIFlipBook PRO ($37)

  • Create Unlimited FlipBooks – users can create as many FlipBooks as they want
  • INCLUDES commercial rights – users can create & sell FlipBooks to client
  • Create Unlimited Articles From Our DFY Content Builder – users can create as many articles as they want
  • Get Unlimited Reseller Licenses (Sell AIFlipBook And Keep 100% Profits)
  • Branding Removal: Remove AIFlipBook branding and add your own brand and your link.

✅2. OTO: AIFlipBook Premium ($37)

  • Place a fancy OTP-in form on your flipbooks to automatically collect leads
  • Auto-capture email leads to your AIFlipBook dashboard
  • Ability to add opt-in form from any autoresponders
  • Pixel Integration Included: Facebook Pixel ID, Google Analytics ID, and Google Tag Manager ID
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✅3. OTO: AIFlipBook GOLD ($37)

  • 1-Click Freelancer Marketplace Builder Auto-loaded with 25,000 DFY Gigs Under Different Categories + Automatically Embedded With Your Affiliate Link.
  • Add your own gigs and charge your clients in the way you want
  • Auto-Blog Builder Module With Unlimited Articles

Bonus 13: AIBookSite Cloud-Based App (UPSELL 1+2+3)

1. OTO: AIBookSite Pro ($37)

  • Unlimited site license – users can create as many passive income AI book affiliate sites as they want
  • INCLUDES commercial rights – users can create & sell AI book affiliate sites to client

✅2. OTO: AIBookSite Premium ($37)

  • Place a fancy popup on your site to automatically collect leads
  • Auto-capture email leads and automatically send new BOOK updates to their inbox
  • Auto-capture new subscribers and instantly promote new books to their desktop using our Push-Notification Module
  • Place Live Chat and Facebook Comment Box On Your Site
  • Place Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel On Your Site To Retarget Visitors.

✅3. OTO: AIBookSite Gold ($37)

  • Instantly Adds Another Income Stream To Your AI Book Affiliate Site And Get Double Income From Your Book Sites
  • An Upgrade Adds 10,000 E-learning Courses Across 100+ Categories To Your AI Book Affiliate Site

Bonus 14: EazySitePro Cloud-Based App (UPSELL 1+2+3)

✅1. OTO: EazySitePro Unlimited ($47)

    • Create UNLIMITED Websites In ChatGPT-Style + BONUS: DFY Client Researcher Cloud-based App
    • Create Unlimited Blog Posts Using DFY Auto-Blogging Module
    • Get Unlimited EazySitePro Commercial Licenses
    • UNLOCK Unlimited EazySitePro RESELLER License
    • UNLOCK Special Bonus Software and Receive Software Training To Create A Long-form Article In Seconds That Outranks Your Competitors
    • EazySitePro Training + Fiverr Masterclass BONUS
    • Premium Support – Value: PRICELESS!

    ✅2. OTO: EazySitePro Advanced ($67)

    • Translate your website into 100 languages
    • Enable Auto-Popup To Capture Unlimited Leads From Your Websites
    • Send unlimited emails to all captured leads inside EazySitePro Backend (using our in-built autoresponder)
    • Send push notifications to visitors via their desktops/mobiles
    • Connect Your Custom Domain For Your Website
    • Add Facebook Pixels Google Analytics ID + Google Tag Manager ID
    • Get All Benefits In A Cost Effective Manner

    ✅3. OTO: EazySitePro ProfitStream ($37)

    • Instantly Add Another 3 Income Streams To Your Website
    • An Upgrade Adds 25,000 Fiverr Gigs + 90,000+ eBooks, Physical Books & AudioBooks + 20,000 ClickBank Products Across 250+ Categories To Your Website


    • Groundbreaking Software Which Brings Unlimited Traffic To Any Offer, Page, Or Links You Want.
    • Get The 1st Mover Advantage & Dominate Your Market With This New ChatGPT4 Tech.
    • Get 100% Free Traffic & Sales From Absolute Scratch.
    • No Need To Be On Camera, No Voice, No Complex Video Editing Skills Needed.
    • Be Up & Running In 5 Minutes From Now And Start Driving Free Traffic In 2 Minutes.
    • Proven & Tested Method That’s Generating 10s Of Thousands Of Views And Commissions To Even
    • Newbies, People With No Skills, And No Talent.
    • Works Even If You Have No Experience, No Tech Skills.
    • Unlimited Potential – Works In Any Niche, Any Offer. It’s Fully Scalable & Repeatable.
    • Low 1-time Price During Launch Period
    • Commercial License Allowing You To Re-sell These Videos For High Profits! 


    • Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with RapidVideoz software.

    I decided to put RapidVideoz to the test with one of my YouTube channels. The setup process was as simple as promised — within minutes, I had my campaign up and running. I was particularly interested in seeing how effective the tool would be in directing buyer traffic to my offer.

    1). Do I need to download anything to use RapidVideoz? No. RapidVideoz is completely cloud-based. Login from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and use it. 

    2). Is there a monthly fee? No, once you buy RapidVideoz, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. RapidVideoz is a one-time purchase product. 

    3). What happens after the launch period? The price will turn into a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and the low one-time price will never be available again! We encourage you to take action before the launch period ends. 

    4). Can I have a refund? We guarantee that you will get more value from your purchase of RapidVideoz than what you pay us. However, if for some reason the product is not living up to your expectations at any time within 30 days of buying it, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

    5). What if I have no subscribers on YouTube? Can I still get traffic? Yes. We will provide you with our personal Video Ranking CheatSheet that will actually rank your videos in no time. So you can get free traffic to your videos straight away. 

    6). What about the future updates? You won’t pay a penny extra for future updates. And, you’ll get free lifetime updates to keep your product up-to-date. 

    7). What if I have other questions? You can ask us your product-related questions as well as anything about our company or services by emailing us at https://support@tomyevsikov.com

    RapidVideoz presents a promising opportunity for those looking to harness untapped traffic sources without the hefty price tag of ads or the intricate work of SEO. Its ease of use, combined with the potential for massive visitor influxes, makes it an attractive option in the digital marketer’s toolkit. As with any tool, it’s most effective when integrated into a broader, balanced marketing strategy.

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